"IN and OUT"  Essential Cashbook

This app will help you keep track of your multi-account transactions for incomes "IN", expenses "OUT", and transfers. 
Add any accounts you feel you need, either for cash, for the bank, or any other bill of account for which you want to note the movements. 
It's simple to use, and essential.

All the advantages of an initial Overview, where at a glance you can see the list of your accounts.The display shows the total balance at the current date and the total number of transactions.

Directly access the Overview to a complete summary of your accounts.You will find some basic statisticians and not only basics for the selected account.

A Short report at a glance, complete for incomes, expenses and balance.Filts freely by date and account and exports the report in TXT form.

Essential statistics with bar graph, to always have an eye on the general situation.You can filter them by date and by account.

All the potential of 3D Touch to directly access the features of your app

Access to statistical summaries for income, expense and ransfers.References to the most recent transaction, the highest and the averages always for income and expenses.


  • Universal : for iPhone and iPad
  • Add and delete, modify all the accounts you want
  • Add and delete, modify all the categories you want.
  • Add future transactions
  • Add reminder for future transactions
  • General overview for all accounts.
  • Specific overview for each account.
  • Specific overview for entrances and exits.
  • Specific overview for transfers.
  • History of all transactions.
  • Export data in CSV or TXT file format.
  • Statistics on account.
  • Statistics for the period.
  • Short report with pre-set intervals and customizable.
  • Export reports in fileTXT.
  • Touch ID
  • Face ID
  • 3D Touch shortcut

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