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Modena - Italy - Tuesday 14 September 2021

This was to be a simple descriptive post, but I changed my mind.
I want to share the thought behind the development choices even for small parts of the interface, and this is the case.
I simply start with the emphasis that a mobile developer, works mainly on smartphones or tablets, or in 99% of the cases small screens and any other than one, even just a laptop.
This must be clear.

Schermata 2021-09-14 alle 093357png

Going rights to the point, ie when as a developer you have to choose what and what to do not show in the interface, everything becomes a choice, and the latter depends on your vision of what you would like to show, but can never owe the size of the screen .
All you will say, well this thing seems a bit trivial and obvious, but in reality it is not.
In the Shots above I could make two choices.

1. In the account row of the account add a lot more information, such as the current balance, the variation, initial balance ...
2. Simply the account name and the date of creation.

Now the first is too much, you don't find ?? .. well I do…
The second could be fine, but it's too little.
Then why not implement a menu, which at the pressure on the competence line of the account allows you to do two things separately.

1. Go directly to the complete account summary.
2. Give those extra info that compete the point 1 indicated above.

Here ... Based on this choice the interface remained simple, clean and suitable for screens for mobile devices, but at the same time with a simple pressure a menu that satisfies fully meets other requirements and information.

This is a choice of development and behind as you can see there is a precise thought.
I hope this post can have liked it, it was useful and at least a little interesting.

Thank you - Matteo
The developer.