System calendar integration


Modena - Italy - Friday 24 December 2021

When I decided to develop this app, as mentioned several times, I wanted it to be easy to use and complete.
I always thought that the system calendar application of iOS, iPadOS and macOS, is something very well done for the purpose of a sufficiently advanced management of your agenda.
Precisely for this reason I never thought, given the type of applications that development, and the cashbook is not the only one, which one day would have interacted with the system calendar.
The question I asked myself, immediately was on the type of interaction, and I assure you that there could be different types.
I chose the simplest, or leave the final user the choice of when saving or not a transaction as a log and reminder in the calendar.
Why the simplest?
Simply because not in all cases it makes sense to do so and above all it happens in writing, and so the function of precisely, notes and reminders fulfills to its purpose.
It's a plus, if you need, if you don't need, well, you won't use it.

Hoping, as always, to have done something welcome with this post ...

Thank you.
Matteo - The developer