Tips: "Duplicate transactions"

I introduced this function, as a developer and first user of my products, in this case this "Cashbook",becauseI realized that sometimes the chance to duplicate a transaction is the simplest thing to do.
To be clearer ...
Everyone could happen to have a recurring transactions, but not every time they have the same amount, so you should set it every time from scratch.
With the shortcut to duplicate them, from the Menus, it is much simpler, because once duplicate you can simply change only date or the amount.
How you do it..??
From the list of transactions or where you can find one, make pressure on the transaction you want to duplicate, a pleasant Menu will be released, Apple merit, and choose "Duplicate this transaction".
An identical transaction with indicated "Copy" will appear below.
Open it and make the appropriate changes.

Matteo...the Developer