Modena - Italy: Wednesday 7 April 2021

Why and when to use transfers .. ??

Not all the  transactions for in o for out that we register \ record in our personal accounts are necessarily real incomes or real expenses.
Just to be very clear on this point an example is the ATM withdrawal, when the money passes from our bank account to our cash wallet, simple.
Then if with part of that money we pay for breakfast at the bar, then there will be an outflow of cash, which we can fully consider as an expense.
This principle also applies to a rechargeable credit card, or to a transfer from a personal bank account to another one that is always ours.
If you grasp this principle you will understand why in this app there is a function dedicated to transfers and the reason why two separate transactions are generated, i.e. one that will indicate an outgoing transfer from an account and another that will instead indicate an incoming transfer to a other, but none of them will represent a real expense.

Matteo - The developer