What is Micro Budget Manager?
An application that aims to help you manage all your budgets.

Who is Micro Budget Manger for?
For those who want or need an iPhone application where they can create, manage, update their budgets according to the purpose for which they were created.
It's a useful and easy-to-use application based on budget name, budget spending category and appealing summarized charts.

What are the features of Micro Budget Manager?

Create, edit, delete all the budgets you want.
Create, edit, delete all the categories you want.
Create, edit, delete all expenses for the budgets you want.
View summary charts.
Summary home for the general budget.
Summary view for the single budget.
Exports the history of the single budget in file.Txt format
Exports the history of expenses in .CSV file format
Uses 3D Shortcut technology

QuickList simple Shopping List

Clean and essential interface. Add, edit, delete all the shopping lists you want. Add, edit, delete all the products you want.

The application automatically saves the products while compiling the shopping list. You can export your shopping list.

Progressive shopping within the list and progressive shopping directly into 'Shopping Lists' for each shopping list.

3D shortcut.

10080 Essential ToDo manager

WHAT IS "10080" :

60 minutes in one hour for 24 hours for 7 days and equal to 10080 that is one week.
"10080" is an application that counts on three principles to help you manage your ToDo.

  • The first is based on the 'Type' of ToDo.
  • The second is based on a weekly focus, with a focus on overdue.
  • The third is the simplicity of use based on a clean and essential interface.

  • Add, delete changes to all the ToDo you want.
  • Add, delete all the "Types" of ToDo  you want.
  • Organize your ToDo  by priority level.
  • ToDo  with recurring mode and reminder.
  • Main view oriented to the week.
  • View dedicated to the next 30 days.
  • View dedicated to completed ToDo .
  • View dedicated to overdueToDo .
  • Options for the of the icon's badge.
  • Option of dedicated alerts with overdue ToDo .
  • Sorting options of ToDo for the week.
  • Export your ToDos history in CSV format.
  • 3D shortcut items integrated into the icon.

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