Accounts list and Account summary


At first glance the balance for all your accounts, at the date indicated at the top left and next to the date the number of total transactions for all accounts on the date.
For each account it is indicated the date on which it was created in the application.
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Account summary

The account summary contains many of details regarding movements, initial balance, current balance and medium to income and expenses.
At the top right of the statistical sharing and search for transaction sharing options.


A lovely summary at a glance of the account summary.

Reports - Statistics - Day based calendar


The name indicates what it does. It is a short report between predefined time intervals for income and expenses but does not include transfers.


A graceful and simplified bar chart for default period, coops overall trend for incomes  and expenses.

Day based calendar

The choice of a calendar based on the number of day and not based on day in itself is an efficient accounting choice.
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Summary and statement

Summary for 'IN' and 'OUT'

Whether it is the list of outgoing transactions OUT, or incoming IN, there is a summary dedicated to this.

Account updated statement

When the accounts become many and the transactions also, an updated account statement can be useful.
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Category summary

A dedicated summary is provided for each category of income, expenses and transfers

Accounts list and UIMenu actions

Account list

For the management of the accounts there is a dedicated view with a dedicated list and the possibility of creating, eliminating and modifying each account you want.

Account quick view

From the main overview of the accounts a quick access menu to the account details.
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Menu actions

With this type of interaction with transactions they become simpler and directed to manage.
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Dark mode

The consistency and charm of an elegant interface available to the end user.